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The Purpose of therapy is

To Set People Free


Specializing in Anxiety Treatment & Depression 

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About Us

Friends2go is a non-profit organization based out of Canada that promotes mental health wellness and provides tools to people within black communities across North America.


We hope to provide holistic support to youth and seniors.

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Providing innovative,

educational, and supportive

tools that will help break 

the cycle of intergenerational

mental illness within 

black communities.


Becoming nationally impactful in the awareness movement of intergenerational mental illness within black communities.

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  • Offer real-time assistance to the youth & elders in black communities.

  • Provide direct access to psychosocial workers.

  • Offer opportunities for intergenerational mentorship programs.

  • Enabling access to social activities.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

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We intervene with a psychosocial approach.

The psychosocial approach looks at individuals in the combined influence of psychological factors and surrounding social environments have on their physical, and mental wellness, and their ability to function. We specialize in counselling. We guide each individual into introspecting different aspects of their lives. Your life belongs to you, take it back!

Are you experiencing social, personal or professional anxiety?

Are you worried about your mental health?

Do you find it difficult to assess your daily task? 

Don't ignore the signs!

You might be experiencing the early effects of depression!!!

We are here to help you reunite with the best version of yourself!

Friends 2 Go. Mindful Therapy

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